We believe that children learn best through play. We strive to provide a friendly, fun and safe environment to maximize motivation and learning potential. Programs use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles, and naturalistic, play based, developmental approaches.    

Behaviour Consultant/Analyst (BA): A Behaviour Consultant is an expert in teaching others how to learn and change behaviour.  They will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses and talk to you about your concerns.  They will create a specialized program plan and regularly monitor your child’s progress.  Your BA will oversee the Behaviour Interventionists working one-on-one with your child.

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP): A Speech Language Pathologist is a valuable member of your child’s team.  A SLP is a specialist in communication and can help teach your child to understand what is being said to them and to express themselves.  

At Bounding Higher, the SLP has extensive knowledge on how to improve language skills with kids with autism.  The SLP will assess your child in the areas of social engagement, speech and language development and articulation.  

SLP services are available as part of our ABA programming or as direct one-on-one intervention. 

Behaviour Interventions (BI): Behaviour Interventionists is similar to a teachers aid.  They work one on one with your child to complete all the programs developed by the Behaviour Consultant and Speech Language Pathologist. At Bounding Higher, all BIs are trained in ABA principles and naturalistic play based approaches. 

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